Equine activities at reasonable costs

Russells' Acres provides equine services in Woolwich Township, Gloucester County, NJ.  We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about the following horseback riding lessons and/or horse leasing fees and/or programs.

Horseback Riding Lessons: $35 an hour
Exclusive Horse Lease: $300 a month plus tax
Partial Horse Lease (4 days a week): $175 a month plus tax

Horseback Riding Lessons are private or semi-private.   
Our indoor arena is 50' X 60'.  The flooring is a mixture of rubber pieces and stone dust.                           
Our outdoor arena is 125' X 250'.      
We allow our horses to carry no more than 20% or their own body weight.

Clients sign a release form that:

  1. Has them acknowledge the inherent risk of equine activities,
  2. Provides contact information, and
  3. Let's us know if we can post photos of them with our horses.

Students who want to go on to compete are referred to another barn.