Equine rehabilitation in a small town style

Russells' Acres is a small equine business offering beginner to novice horseback riding lessons and horse leasing. The owner, Constance Cardillo (Connie), works constantly with the horses to maintain their health and to train them. She is CHA* certified to give lessons and to manage a stable. She works with her husband, Phil, in the daily chores, upkeep, and improvements.

Connie was raised on the farm that is now home to Russells' Acres. Then, the farm was also home to her mare, Little Bit, with whom she participated in 4-H for many years.

Russells' Acres is deliberately in the plural form. There are two reasons for choosing this name:

  1. The farm is located on Russell Mill Road, and
  2. The name of the previous owner, her father, was Russell.

We take in horses we meet by chance, word of mouth, and/or through reputable rescues that are both at risk and might also help to fulfill the mission of Russells' Acres.

The horse in the photo is an off the track thoroughbred that went from being a winner to sustaining a debilitating injury and, therefore, no longer useful in the industry.  As a 'discard', he became skinny, and his hooves overgrew and foundered. With the assistance of Clechachar Farm, we helped him rebound to  what you see here.

* Certified Horsemanship Association